Monday, April 16, 2007

Posters in the wild.

So much of the time these days, it seems that concert posters are created soley for the purpose of being sold as merchandise or commemoratives. After I hand a stack of posters off to the promoter, it is usually out of my hands. How they are used is up to them. It does my heart good to see my letterpress posters being used for what they are intended, to promote a show. Here's my Hella poster in all its glory. I saw it on the street and had to snap a picture.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

I just completed a new poster for the band Hella. Look for it on my website after the show.

This was a fun one and is sort of a sequel to the one I made for them last year. Let's see how many faces I can make from the word, Hella.

Did I mention that I got to meet Charlie Louvin a few weeks ago? I did. For those of you keeping score, he's the one on the right in this classic album cover.

Alphabet 26

This is a really geat little letterpress printed broadside I got the other day from the nice folks at One Heart Press in San Francisco. It is a Cranes Lettra paper promotion, homage to Bradbury Thompson's Alphabet 26, designed by Michael Osborne. The print job is outstanding.